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vineri, ianuarie 25, 2008

Testati cu versiuni beta ale browserelor?

Cred ca urmatoarea conversatie de pe o lista de mail este graitoare si nu are nevoie de nici un comentariu suplimentar:

>> - an entire row of buttons at the top is aligned incorrectly (I use a
>> >> beta of Firefox 3), see: http://screenshot_of_the_issue
> >
> > Wow, you're the second, i didn't test with firefox 3 and IMHO, it
> > doesn't matter.
> > This is a beta and it doesn't make sense to me working with a beta
> > software to develop something.

Nope, this is a wrong approach. What matters is if the problem is caused
by a bug in the browser in in the site layout. In a few months FF3 will
be distributed to millions of users, so the bug should be solved, either
in your website or in Firefox.

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